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Cameroun , among rain, shouts and more and more rain, all of this very soon will be a memory, the steps that my feet have chossed pedaling to get into Nigeria , also obligate me to change my initial plans, the roads up north that i wanted to take are closed because of the rainy season, so i have decided to head towards South West, there among banana fields that fly along till the bottom of the pretty Mnt Cameroun, the higest mountain in central Afrika, that those days is beatifoully adorned with very pretty cloud rings.

And form those pretty landscapes ill try to forget that maybe i would never see it again or all those people that i love or i have shared so many days and lovelly moments with them

I am going towards Limbe , is there where a boat will bring me to the other side, the other side is named Nigeria,

Nigeria this country well known, that there all the badf things happend in Afika, trafiquing , falsification of drugs(medecines), that kills so many people every year, and of course all those hi jackings , or kidnapings around the Niger Delta, and this there the exactlly place where i,ll arrive with the boat, so i guess ill need to pay attention and learning how to move fast in a short distances.

But, thinking in all those little problems, i realise that sometimes so often we see things or people with no much interest, but sudenttly, the same people becomes a very important part opf our lifes.



And wile i am waiting for this boat, i guess that so many times i have lost my destiny triying to find my way on the traks of life, but also among them i found my faith, and like this i have the chance to draw my dreams on the sky.

But far from this Cameroun people seams not to be interested , in other rthings than drinking and socker, as much that the other day the familly that i was living with , they obligated me to watch a crucial macth as they said against Cameroun and Togo, watching it i felt very bored, and i just triyed to wind the battle against the time, when finally the reffery wisled the end of the game, Cameroun won, and it was then when i have realised the importance of pride for those people, and also i have enjoyed the silly things that everybody was doing or saying, but in the end of tyhe day the most important was that everybody was happy , really happy, me too!!!

LOng walks on the beach under a somth rain, i had all those wishes to help, but eventhough seams that this world crises hited Gambada too, but me i just let my thoughts fliying with the slow fly of one falcon, that transported me till where the forget live, that place that it look like a empty place like it was the ddep end of nothing.

And this is how it will remind Cameroun for me, full of green colours, banana plantations, rain, beaches and lots of people shouting, but also sadness, corruption and pain, as well that a big memory for my friend Ken, and all of this you can see it through a big smile full of shiny white theeth of this friendlly people.

The delta Niger, Nigeria and the doubt of this country, but also still lots to do , lots to discover, and me ill try to get in in silence like the thirf gets in from the window of their heart, and even if we often come and go, it,s possible that i wont see each other again , but for this ill do my best to keep all of those moments stay forever.

Cameroun, i have closed the door one morning, and i kept pedaling, wishing that the time will last long..




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