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Giving life to everything that surrounds us, just for always knowing that we´re alive.

No, no I haven’t disappeared I am here, I have always been, although Halima´s had rested in a parking place watching me how I was resting and at the same time accepting a lovely friends invitation of doing nothing just chill-out.

I did it, but I didn´t rest my hole mind, I kept trying to learn how to fall before walking, I kept doing my journey the fact of fighting for all those things that I believe, even though this will make us different especially for those that would like us being all the same.

I have been next to those that loves me, I did it feeding myself of all those things that inspire me, dreaming again of those smiles and looks that I will pass through my journey every single day, all that it´s the passport trough the higher steps of our personal cause, that for me it´s limited just at the way that I do really want to live and trying to be able of believe in small things …

Although I do have the optimism, I can´t see many signs that something will change really…But, outside there, on those wonderful silences of the journey,  still can see all those smiles that pull their arms for you surrounding at the human condition , and being able to believe that we still can do a lot…

But, unfortunately I see around me and I get so angry, I am so tired about the hypocrisy, about this crisis that the only thing it does is making the rich people richer, in this silly world of “Everything is forbiden”.



The Short Trip…

And this is why it´s so sad to still see those people that are afraid of any change, and they only know how to accept their organized life, and not repetitive at all,”No surprises please!”

Where´s the freedom? To be honest I don’t really know, I may should to also learn how to be my own attorney, a good ones because in the end of the day for me a good attorney it´s only a good history teller.

I guess I will leave you guys in this world of tragicomedies, where the artists are all those stupid politics from all over the world that hipocreslly lie to everybody even after we all had pay an expensive ticket, bloody hell!

¿where it´s the revolution?

Mao´s said ones, the worst enemy of the revolution it´s the bourgeois that lots of revolutionary people have inside themselves, oh man, how right he was…

¿so what we could do? He put he´s hat over the lectern, and looking at the audience shouted “Never give up”, a few seconds passed and he rose on the feet and shouted again “Never give up”, his words roar around the auditorium, a deep silence all over, while Mr. Churchill´s pulled his arm looking for his hat, and helped by his cane, he left…the speech was finish, There is no need of many words to talk that clear…



But me sometimes I do remember and a tear gets it´s freedom over my cheeks, but it will let this to be the beginning of the forgiveness in this my world, and I will shout to allow those minutes that fill up our lives, although seam so short but at the same time are so able to let those deep prints in our lives.

I will keep walking, and walking I will learn again this universal language that for me it´s just based on love. I’ll keep looking for the fire on those yellow fields, the water on the tropical green; I’ll keep being the crazy marine drunk of wind, the solitary nomad with thirsty of desserts, I´ll keep looking for those pure and vast spaces in this unfair world of us, I’ll do it with all my illusion, I’ll do it because the only thing that I don’t want to hear about are destinies.

I will stay around those people that are transparent, that never hide behind lies or silences, I’ll try to discover what the hell happened in this world? Although I guess that the answers of this are also in danger of extinction.

Is no useful anymore try to believe that we are no involved with the pain of the others, no matter how far they will be, millions of people die of starvation while papers talk about football, politics or other things, like today´s that I read an article saying, ¿why Allah´s it´s bothering God?.

I do feel inside hunger, and sometimes an overwhelming impotence, I don’t really know how to explain myself this world ,but, I will awake and see the new day light and I will be able to laugh of all this stupidity of those politics can do or say, but who am I to say anything? Just a silly man that goes around the world with a bike loaded like a donkey? They will laugh at me, me too at them…

But I am not blind, I don’t want to feel lied, I have rather the wish of living in this world, this hell, but keep being who I really am, travelling in this short trip of life, this human landscape where to have the right of study, living decently or just having something to eat, we all have to get out of the streets putting our life in danger, what a bet? A lost bet from the beginning of course, Why Allah´s bothering God´s?



To be honest I will tell you all, that if I have to be in this adult world, the ones of having kids, family, and making list and knowing every time what’s going to happen, well, I do prefer to keep being a kid, I do prefer to keep being lost for better find myself.

The Short Trip…

Jose´s was a fragile kid as fragile as the foam of the waves, he had a bitter smile, but smile in the end, he lived in the Tarahumara rim, and one day I gave him an orange the only thing I had, then I saw the world in his eyes, he was our world. But like always the pain hits the most fragile ones, today I have received the sad new, that the little Tarahumara´s Jose’s will never have thousands of fantasies, thousands of paradises to visit anymore.

One day I gave him one orange that he shared with a lovely smile with all his friends, they were starving too.

It´s this world right? Where the hell it´s the plan B?

Just thoughts of somebody like me that am cycling in this short trip of life…





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