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SAY 33

It feels to me very long since I have left Shirley´s and Roberto´s house in Galerazamba town, the same town that it was the origin of the pretty and famous Catalina´s the Indian, the ones that was kidnapped when she was 14 years old, just for getting married with one nephew of Pedro´s de Heredia, and that she finished being the mediator between the native people and the colons , but today´s all this it´s just history and only remains a statue in the almost abandoned town of Galerazamba, eventhoug I have been very welcomed there, the same welcome I had for Eduardo´s in the clean and worth living city of Barranquilla.

From there I went to Cienaga, this place where the main road divide the huge swamp to the sea, just in the middle of it this peculiar town of Cienaga, a fishing town that lives to put up with this impossible wind, I have arrived so tired there and sick of wind but I had to smile, the town of Cienaga was celebrating the Caiman´s festival, I honestly couldn´t understand much because almost the whole population were drunk and drugging on the ground literally like the real caiman.
From there I went to Santa Martha´s where I am actually now, I did with wind of course, but all of this a will let for another chronicle because now I want to talk about saying 33.

Why 33? Becouse it´s a number with 33 names, names of kids in need that with their mums live in the “oasis” suburb, it´s like a joke this name because there there it´s no water, you drink the dust and you breathe among the garbage, even though the hope it´s measured with lots of smiles.



Let me explain:

Thanks to Indira´s of the foundation “Infinity love for kids” and the university, Sergio Arboleda headed by the head of social work, Mrs. Johanna, I had the chance to share my experiences with part of the students of this place just for one dream, collect food for those kids in need, and this is like it was, from there I could have some hundreds of kilos of food, that food that today those families made me feel more humane again, although I couldn´t avoid this feeling of that we can do much more.
I will leave here with a frowned face, but full of happiness, full of those lived moments that I will never find the right word to define the value of this huge treasure that I save inside me.
Only one number, the 33, all smiles, all pain, all caresses, all gratitude, anyway no need of any adjective because all of them knew how to show me their wish of leaving this “oasis” where there´s not water, no palm trees, getting out from there and fly to find this way that they will never find if nobody go close to them, if we don’t listen, if we don’t touch them.



Arriving there knowing in advance what I have to do, going there without asking anything in exchange, without waiting that their mouth spit many Thanks, jus going there because this is what I feel.

Only after those moments spend with them with the flavor and the tenderness of their hands touching me I feel this proud to know how many lessons life will offer me, far from any ending way, I do look back and I realize that I also have learned to forgive the unforgivable, because when I am in this sad oasis, look at the stars isn´t wonderful anymore, even the moon makes this world dark.

But today before writing all of this I felt that there are things much more important than this, there are 33 lovely lights that no matter what happen will never shut up into my heart.
I´ll keep following those vagabonds that I am sure they will lead me to discover new and long ways, although I know that I have to keep challenging those heart-rending hour that precede the good bye, how difficult it´s to awake up and see that you are not there anymore, and with the time I will never know if this dream finish, but I’ll be strong and I will smile, because in this long path the defeats only last the time that you are able to forget.

Yesterday I went out to see the stars, how many? I wanted a sincere opinion and I knew that I had to ask it to one kid, and in my face rested this short gesture that has the value of lasting the whole life, one simple smile.

And with all those memories I know that in my whole life, all those that made me feel more humane know that neither the time that I have in life will be enough to be grateful the fact of leaning honestly your heads on my shoulder.

Today it has been another especial day for me, thanks a lot to share it, I will try to decode till where I can go, I will not hide into the refuge of the fear or the silences, and because I know that them will never stop the storm.



I know that isn´t easy at all but I will fight and fight till I have life, because I am sure that if I turn my back to the hope I know that I will lose.
Today´s on the street one lady came to me with a big smile; she hugged me and asked me, you are the guy with the bicycle? God bless you my son. To be honest I am not very friend of these kinds of
Gods, but her words really made me happy, and then inside me I have answered, yes I am, then I have realized that I am like everybody that we like to be thanked.

Thanks, the same thanks that unjustly those 33 tadpoles gave me when in reality it should be me the ones to say Thanks one immense Thanks to allow me to be close to their pain and doing it with the best and most natural smile that they have, and this is why I have try to hide one tear, I may seem to sensible for you, but who cares! If crying means being a coward I prefer it before being a brave man without any feeling, I will let drop 33 tears, I will because this number today makes me so happy, I will do because I am sure that the truth never hurt, above all the ones that we should shot loud and clear, or like the good Garcia Marquez said ones (if one day the shit will have a real value, all the poor people will born without ass)

Thanks to all of you that allow me to help you a bit, to many emotions, in the suburb of the oasis today say 33.


DIGA 33 / SAY 33



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