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What a estrange sensation that one’s of awaking up and having a couple of young Swiss people sleeping next to me, with them now I am sharing my nights, my skies, my sorrows… also I am sharing the cold, the wind, the hardness and of course the beauty of the scenery that this wonderful country offer to us, I am talking about Ecuador.

Leaving Santiago´s house with somebody, heading towards the hillside of the gorgeous Cotopaxi´s volcano, towards the high Quilotoa´s Lagoon, or the big loop around the majestic Chimborazo´s volcano, all of this makes my life a big smile even though, the pain, the hardness, the wind, or the cold…



Going up to Sitchos village, the track hides behind lots of valleys, the way it´s made of cobble stones very sharp, and the inclination of the never-ending hills aren´t measured in degrees but in patiente.and then during the rest after the hard journey, the cold hurt the bones, but this time a very warm lentils soup cooked by Mummy Hilda´s was able to awake any death person, the sound of our stomachs talked in silence, the tiredness yeld.Accept life, the beauty, the peoples… keep having all this as a best reason for living.

From valley to valley, we kept climbing towards the high Quilotoa´s Lagoon, “As the legend say, a farmer man gave the animals to one big hole made after one explosion, there he buried panela, vanilla and a pound of salt, when he came back, he had a big surprise, and the hole was full of water”, there we arrived after a very difficult journey, the wind made me fall two times, the sand and the mud made me push the bike till the point to fight against myself , but when I arrived at 4000 meters, my eyes full of sand had the chance to see this wonder, three kilometers of diameter, 240 meters deep, and everything with a unbelievable turquoise color, this was the Quilotoa´s Lagoon, some tears and one compulsory picture where the reward of too much suffering.



All those pounding from the Mother Nature, injured seriously Halima´s, and tired his rider, too much that when we arrived to Ambato´s city Halima´s said enough! Had to change the breaks and one tire, and for myself a big rest.

Again from valley to valley, towards to new evening dusk, those exceptional colors with what the nature wears. This time our direction was towards the majestic Chimborazo´s volcano, 6310mts , wind kept making me fall down, making me cry, but all the peoples encounters, those people that live in the cold and high plateau, made me revive the few strength that sometimes think that I have left.

In any place of my inside, I feel hundreds of new sensations, I feel many hopes when I see those kids with washed up hands and flaky skin faces because of the cold, that shyly made me remained constantly those things that we often forget, the tenderness, the sweetness, the happiness, anyway all those simple things with the real pure essence.



How lovely that´s our first contact, how lovely that you remind me again that from your little flaky hands of kids world it´s made, because full or empty anything it´s fake.

What a estrange sensations I do live in this wonderful country, I am sure that I could write and write, but, I am also sure that I wouldn´t ever be able to explain all those emotions in words, all this pain, all this beauty, the same beauty that travels where ever we go, because in the end of the day, this beauty only exist waiting to our eyes open wide.

From valley to valley.

Three bicycles fully loaded of hopes; three bicycles share cold nights and the beauty of those inexplicable land profiles, in our nights we will get drunk of tiredness, and our sigh will shine our eyes, again! No words needed.

Marie´s, Joann’s and I those two Swiss people, far from their ridicously clean country, far from the Milka´s cow and far from their unbearable “cou-cou” clock, with them I will share my day by day, all of us we learn, I do in my way and they in theirs, just simple and a beautiful friendship that will last what it should.

From valley to valley, we duck our tired bodies into austere hot bath, into hot and excellent soups that make us crying of happiness.

As usual I have played with the naturally manners of the peoples of the mountains, with the funny timidity of the kids, although they have a rough skin they touched me with sweetness, meanwhile the hypocrisy of this world seats upfront their huge television, The Olympics games started, no matter if we are in war, no matter if we have a huge crisis we have to participate, no matter if we aren´t the ones who run, swim or…it looks like that we all win the medals, I am sorry, but again, I don´t understand anything.



I am looking ahead, in my immensity and I see a world only able for those that dare to live like they feel they have too.

So, I guess I will continue to live a live full of happiness and smiles, I won´t believe in black and white, I will try to make the impossible, possible, and I will understand that life it´s a journey, and the solitude makes me think, and in my reality I will never stop to admire the shiny of those eyes from all the kids that I help or want to help.

Anyway, taking advantage that we are in the Olympic Games, I will give my personal medals too those I think they deserve now.

The bronze medal goes to. My friend Toribio´s that unfortunately this time he won’t be able to make his dream trough.

The silver medal goes to. My lovely Salva´s for his big jump after without wanting walk over a big snake.

And the gold medal with unanimous vote goes to. Antonito’s an 8 years old boy that runs at 3.800 meters high with a scary plastic boots behind his family 18 goats, with the only aim to get in the end of the day without losing any goat.



I have also a special mention to Marie´s & Johan’s, to bear all my advices, my jokes, my … without feeling different.

I say thanks to the life to offer me the chance of living what I feel, to dream without bothering anybody, thanks to give me the chance to help and believe that I am existing, thanks again. Meanwhile for the tracks of the afternoons I will travel towards your nights.

From valley to valley, I will find so much beauty, so many difficulties that in the end of the day it will be the justification of all my next craziness.



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