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It´s been longtime that I have left the comfort shared with the girls of the orphanage “Muchas Manos” Lots of Hands, there I have learn again how nice It´s having this feeling of being more human, but also that pain of goodbyes, this huge empty that cause so many uncertainty, but in the end of the day you always have to take the best, and the best obviously It´s, to have the chance of having been there, share with them, or receiving   those wonderful words from mummy Patricia´s wrote to me.

“When you feel alone, think of the wonder that you have left in each ones of your steps, in each print, in every share… this is what we all remember about you”

And with those wonderful words traveling with me, I went to the suffocating Llano on my way to the high plateau of the Venezuelan Andes.

In my mind I could already feel the difficulty of the following days, It´s true that , the never-ending hills, with 150 pounds of my bicycle are the most important reason for not losing the patience otherwise will be very difficult to keep fighting for all that we believe.



Among cold, and legs pain, wonderful scenery very difficult to explain in words, all wrapped with strong winds and ugly rain, on the first high plateau, I’ve hugged myself to protect me, I have laugh on me when I couldn´t go forward, I had also fear to lose, but, lose what really? With all this immensity that I have ahead, and this chance to have chosen the life that I have chosen!.

Above 3.000 meters high, swept and very cold we often only think in hot, but some days ago while it was so hot, I was ridicule thinking of the cold, and It´s then when I know that I don´t have to complain of nothing because this It´s me, the ones who has decided this lovely life.

My first night on the high plateau, while I was trembling like a poor live, I had to reinvented a new pleasure, the ones of hearing again your wonderful words, the ones of seeing you all over the places, and realizing that the only real pain that really hurts it´s the ones of our own necessities.

From high plateau to high plateau.

A lovely and long downhill brought me to the doors of Merida´s city, a university city for excellence, and also the main place of outdoors adventure sports, very well observed by the majesties Bolivar´s pick.

There Halima´s had a wonderful technical check, all this did by the friendly mechanic “ The Aleman”  and the owner of Eco-Bike Daniel´s, and there I also had the chance to dream with Neudy´s a real gentleman, and this is why all those suffering moments are worth  it to live, no matter how much our legs could hurt, or even if sometimes we think that our days doesn´t have many sense.

From high plateau to high plateau, we all let peoples love us, we also let peoples hate us, and this is why we all learn about our life, our wonderful days that simply are the result of doing all we really want to do, far, very far, are those that say  I love you, and tomorrow they disappear like the wind, even some have the balls to ask if we can be friends on the distance?, oh man! The big game of excuses.



Without noticing beside having so cold, I have found myself in La Grita´s city, a place with terrible hills, but wonderful peoples like Richard´s Mendez and family, that their help and company where as important as the air that my lungs needed to keep going.

And yes, this is why I have arrived again to Colombia, another border, another country, another culture, who the hell decided all of this?, for me borders are the most unreal places in the world, and of course in this ones like always I had a surprise, when I cross it nobody talked to me neither in Venezuela side or Colombia side, what the hell I thought so happy!, but the next day I have realized that I needed the stamp to leave Colombia, so, I went to the border and the unfriendly police like always, told me, how come did you get in?, so, I had to leave again and getting the Venezuelan stamp to get into Colombia, this lovely joke cost me, time and money, who the hell invented all this injustice?

Anyway, already in Cucuta city Frank waited for me, gave me a place to sleep and shared his time with me, advise me how difficult will be my following days, long hills I mean long because are 100 miles of terrible hills, after 60 of those miles I have arrived here to Pamplona from where I am writing those words, and trying to forget all the times that I have shout and swear on those hills, but in the end of those tracks there´s always another track that lead you to the happiness.



Well yes my dears, I have to apologies to have taken all this time with our writing for all of you that follow me, but I have to say that in that high plateau we will find everything but no internet connection, but also I can say that I was with all of you so close to the sky, and I had time to enjoy my own universe, far from the politics, far from the crisis, far from the lies, far from the consumes etc,    just us among high plateaus.

There I could understand a bit more the solitude, and hearing again the warming words of mummy Patricia´s.

“ When life gives us the opportunity of meeting, of knowing each other, when we have the chance to share our day by day, It´s there when we all appreciate the love, natural and faith ones… the ones of the eternal friends”

From the high plateaus I thank all of you to make me understand that in our existence there are never smooth paths.





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