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Going away from Opuwo was sort of a happiness and sadness at the same time, i felt happy to know me in another countr yvery soon, i felt so sad to leave behind all the loved ones, like Chinho that became like my Angolan brother, he also gaved me again the bad feeling to accept the pain that i feel when i have to leave all those people that means something important to me.

The last hug happened just infront of the magestic ruacana falls, that perceded one brocken see you when we both knew that maybe it was forever, a big knut into my throat and a look back were my latest memories before to set off to one stage of 160 km, that got to finish with my temper.

In this dirty road, well if we can call it a road ?, the only vehicles that tackle there are those huge trucks named unimogs, and they need more than 8 hours to do it, so for me was ?, well to be honnest i prefere not even remember it, sand, holes rocks, more sand, etc.

My body heurt of yearn and the terrible effort of pushing and pulling up the bicycle after so many falls, i felt the solitude and the disapointment, and those days the night always catched me…

But again like i said so many times already, all the hells have enaugh room for the happiness, and for me this was, recovering the real afrikan landscapes full of baobabs, pretty skies and different tribes. all of this gaved me the strenght to keep going.

The following days where much better the road that brings you till Lubango is under construction but more or less like a road, it was easier to move and at the same time having the chance to start enjoying Angola like it is.

Angola a big rich country, with out secrets and where all can become real, all the villages have no electricity, it,s very difficult to find petrol, it,s a paradox because i am talking abaut one of the richest country in petrol, everything is expensive here, till the point that the money seams that doesn,t have any value, and the black market , is a big business,

The 35 years, of war left big traces, for me named distrust !!!, lots of the old buldings today look like a big real gruyere cheese, with all the holes, and the decadence and the lazy attitude of the people make this Angola still far although if all seams to be wrapped with a pretty paper full of smiles and lovelly people.



And is like this that from La Chibia, a boring little town with lots of wishing for looking forward, but again with no oportunities, me i have to thank the wonder of all the people that i have meet along the way, and of course here in La Chibia, i found again the human warm, when my distroyed body felt in one bed into the house of the lovelly Mrs Maria Delfina Paredes, Chinho,s mother , and also mine for all the time i have spended there.

All those days i have enjoyed the cold nights around a charcoal fire , chating and laughing, but my head was thinking on the move, because my Angolan visa is quiet short.

The next day was sunday , i said to mumm that i wanted to leave , and she gaved me a hard look and she said, where the hell you want to go today , is sunday ?, ooopps, i understud very well and i left the following day, when i left she was criying and me i was very sad, even if i knew that the following night i,ll be staying in one hose of her dougther,s, but again sometimes it,s so difficult to express the gratitude of the people , and for me this is much worth than all the money in the world.

And is like this that i arrived here to Lubango, not far from the gorgeous sierra de Leva, where i have dreamed to find a place to hand out some hope, and at the same time find myself in this way that i have chosse for living.

Angola has opened it arms and heart to me, so now i wish i can find the way to give it back, in a mean time life it,s so pretty that death felt in love with it, a posesive and jealous love that ends taking all of it.

Although having this life it,s like deserving much more that i really deserve.

Chinho an angolan brother…



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