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It,s been longtime that i thought ill take much less to get to Knysna, this little city on the shores of one pretty lagoon, home nest of my friends too, to get here i had the chance to pass thru incredible landscapes that the Karoo offers to those who decide to pass by.

It,s been longtime tahta i am waiting to get here, to see them, but also to get the parcels that friends and familly they sended from all over the places, even if some of them never got here, for sure a nulty post man took with out knowing that it was for helping, at least i hope that i,ll help him too.

But now i am here yes, and during all this time i,ve learn how never say anymore things like i,ll be there that day or so!, Afrika takes you,re time showing you how to live in another ritme, and telling you not to make any near plan, me today i do can say that i,ll saty a bit around here in Knysna, near my good friends Belen, Mark and their doughters, they host me with any single condition, with amability giving me all my basic needs,wich is a lot, and i really Thanks to them for that.

Knysna it,s a quiet little city, basiquelly oriented to the tourism, and retirement, and at the same time i,ll be the Jenny,s retirement too, because with the incredible colaboration of JOAN MARC and JORDI, and also the big help of BIKE – TECH, i,ve recived a new brand frame, this means that from Knysna a new bicycle will leave with me.



Jenny had been with me all that time, suffering of rain, mud, accident, and of course my bad mood sometimes, now i guess she deserves it, my new bicycle will have another name too, that for sure i,ll bring me lots of remembrances, strenght and hope, that for sure will be te motivation for me to just keep fighting for those in need. thinking abaut them i have to really Thanks to Mati, from Madrid for sending me all she did, also to those young people in NAVARCLES, my home town to organice a meal coocked with solar energy and sending the benefit, to keep Gambada in life a bit more, all of this i am sure that i,ll make happy more kids, and right now i am already working to find the best place to give all of that, thanks to all of you.

After all of this and with my new bicicle HALIMA, that will be her new name, my journey will go to Cape Town, passing for the Cape of Goog Hope, the same hope that i would love to have the chance to offer to lots of kids or people in need.

Today,s again i am feeling that i am very lucky, even if sometimes my sorrow it,s inside me like the air imposible to avoid, but the wonderful effect that a simple smile makes to me its the drug that it makes me more pleasure, thanks to all of those kids and also thanks to Carla and Andrea, the daughters of Belen and Mark to put a big smile on my days.



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