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The legend says: Stony colossus, that erect after the old Peruvians God was touch because of the sobbing of the soldier Huascar and the Huandoy maid, before convert into a mountains, and their sobbing to the Orconcocha and Chinancocha lagoons that after while it will be named,Llanganuco´s lagoon. It´s no long that I was there […]

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Comming Back


COMMING BACK. Some of you will be thinking that I disappear, others will say, why this guy doesn´t write anything now? And the ones that follow me often all will know why! Yes I’ve been to Spain for a while, trying to find solutions of my health problems, and after all those long months doubting […]

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It looks like it´s been so long that I was writing memories for those kids in Cajamarca´s city, today those memories are one “Bumpy-bumpy” in my head every time that I think about them, ever time that I realize what we all can do and the little that we do. I have left there sick […]

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In my perfect world It would be… Nando please you already know that this world isn´t possible. I am starting again. I will forget the mud, I will forget the pain as well even though if my health doesn’t like it. Like I have told you Cajamarca´s giving me lots of things to write, the […]

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In my perfect world, it would be, humm now that I am thinking, a world like this it wouldn´t be possible. Let me start again, hello sir, how It´s the road I asked? Very well my son, just a bit of mud along. We left Vilcabamba´s, this place where we should feel young, we left […]

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And after some days of supposed rest in this beautiful city of Cuenca, I have abandoned it with a lung pneumonia and lots of fantasies in each city corner, roads had the same color for me, and myself I was looking here and there to find those looks that make us dream, the same looks […]

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