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THE DAY AFTER With the discovering of other regions in S.A., with the great surprise to realise that some of them there are simply stunning, i keep spending those waiting hollidays days, i did it blessed with the company, of my dear Jess, her company made my days much better, made my days believe that […]

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HAPPY DAYS After being in Europe with the cold weather, and everything smeling Christmas holidays, my body finally recovered the hit of the warm Afrikan weather, at the same time brought me back to the human warm too. Am sorry, but this will be a short chronicle. i,ll be just some words to wish all […]

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FINALLY My web site is working again,first of all i would like to say sorry to all of you for all of this silence, and at the same time thanks a lot for understanding it. Lots of things hapened since, the South Afrikan burocracy, and a missunderstud from my side, puted me awy from this […]

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TECNICHAL STOP It’s been longtime that i was thinking what it could happend if one day my web master decided to quit the job, or simply he’s got fired? Well unfortunatlly I dont have to think this anymore, because this is what exactlly hapened, and because of this , the web site will be empty […]

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AFRIKAN ATTITUDE Finally I’ve left Knysna, i did with the sadness to leave loved people behind me, leaving with the doubt of whats gonna be next, beeing on the road in one of those countries where people try to make you feel unsafe, eventhough if myself i really feel safe, actually very safe. I left […]

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NEVER SAY NO Among all my days seated on Halima,s saddle, among all those days helping people or just living the consequences of the feelings haved provoqued to me, i had time to take some desitions, eventhough i thought that in my life that could be easy, i have to say that it wasn,t, i […]

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