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Gambada in Europe


THEY COMME AGAIN OHH Yes, unfortunately we’re again bombarded by these Christmas holidays, another of these holidays that I don´t believe on it, although I can’t avoid to pass by those people worried about what they will buy or do during these holidays… forgetting to often that mostly of their problems will remained there after […]

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As I always said life it’s just moments, and for me it would be a huge insult to waste it with sad moments, it’s true that March 31 left its mark with journeys in the air, full of doubts, sadness’s, deep empties … even though I am still alive, full of hope, I really am, […]

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Like always I keep catching dreams, but every year for these dates I dedicate my deep feelings for those that I have lost, and I’ll never find again. My heart still waiting for you in this place where you decided to leave forever, I try to find you so much, while I am trying to […]

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WHY? Let´s see if I clear myself, It´s been 3.298 days I am on my bicycle journey, when I’ve left home I would never imagine all that happened to me, all I saw, all I had feel, all… Today´s after had crossing 71 countries, I feel the need of finding a reason to say why? […]

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I can still see the stagnant waters of the Beagle channel, I still can feel the cold humidity of the Tierra del Fuego in my body, but finally I have left all of that just to find the warm of the friendship in Buenos Aires, I’ve arrived to Ignacio´s and his lovely wife home, with […]

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ARTUR MARTORELL. This is the name of one pretty history,history that started in Cape Town almost thwoo years ago. Artur Martorell, is one primary school in Badalona,(Catalonia),that one day casually got the name of one little project named Gambada,hold by a guy named Nando going around the world , with a 80kg bloody bicycle, triying […]

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