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Gambada in AMERICA


FULL OF HANDS I´ve arrived to Valencia´s city knowing where I could stay, it´s always nice to know that somebody it´s waiting for you in one big city, it is, even if you don´t know this person and with the preceding days you have to draw a face to your thoughts. This is how I’ve […]

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AND THE GAS FOR FREE. VALENCIA, VENEZUELA. It has been some weeks that I have arrived to Venezuela, for me one atypical country, and also I will take the risk to say than it´s much more interesting to come here to try to understand this sort of “King”, that for sure if it was one […]

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SAY 33

It feels to me very long since I have left Shirley´s and Roberto´s house in Galerazamba town, the same town that it was the origin of the pretty and famous Catalina´s the Indian, the ones that was kidnapped when she was 14 years old, just for getting married with one nephew of Pedro´s de Heredia, […]

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The Trade winds Again leaving Panama it was this kind of acceptation that too often we don’t like, first of all, the goodbyes, this terrible feeling that arrives when we don’t really want, even though we always know that it will, those very short space of time that allow you to live or revival everything […]

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ONE MORE YEAR… Casually it´s one year ago that I was entering into Mexico to start my journey down to Central America, those slim countries with corners here and there, and full of scenarios that combine with a bit of everything. Yes one more year that add my journey to a 2.343 days on the […]

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SMOOTH SMOOTH… This singing expression that we constantly hear in Central America, this lovely expression that means slowly slowly. In this my simple passing by, that this time it will be a bit faster because I should get to Panamá by the end of the month, I should because there I’ll arrive a parcel wrapped […]

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