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Gambada in Africa


AFRIKAN ATTITUDE Finally I’ve left Knysna, i did with the sadness to leave loved people behind me, leaving with the doubt of whats gonna be next, beeing on the road in one of those countries where people try to make you feel unsafe, eventhough if myself i really feel safe, actually very safe. I left […]

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NEVER SAY NO Among all my days seated on Halima,s saddle, among all those days helping people or just living the consequences of the feelings haved provoqued to me, i had time to take some desitions, eventhough i thought that in my life that could be easy, i have to say that it wasn,t, i […]

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AND DREAMS, DREAMS ARE Last months in Knysna, some realyties came in a shape of feelings, they knocked strongly on my days, making my dayly rutine become a big fight inside me, fight against sadness, against lonyless and all of those things that sometimes put us on the reality to accept how vunerable we can […]

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TIME TO REMEMBER It’s been 1097 days that the tyres of jenny today,s Halima, started to scratch the earth with out any especific direction, among all those days i have shared my hours with the nature, my time with the freedom, and at the same time having the chance to enjoy, to suffer, anything abnormal […]

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CROSSING THE LINE Days go fast here in Knysna, the sensations become remembrances to quick. I went back to Doroty Broster orphanage, to visit the kids, as i wanted they put a big smile on my day, and at the same speed i found myself huging a daily conventional stile of life ” WORK “, […]

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THE DEFEATED RESIST Like I’ve already said on my last cronic, when you arrive to Knysna u,ll find a pretty clean small city, beatiful houses, nice people, friends and a pretty lagoon, me i,ll enjoy all of it , and at the same time i,ll meet new people, people like Shila a artist from Sedgfield […]

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