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Gambada in AFRICA


Along our journey we usually experience different feelings and sensations that often make us having lots of reflections, we pass by people that can really get deeply into our hearts. In one ordinary social life this can happen too, but in this kind of life that I have chosen to live those experiences are the […]

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The past Monday, November 9th, my journey started with lots of excitation, and wasn’t because they will remove this ugly plaster on my arm or nothing like that, it was the beginning of a long journey that I will never forget. Some days ago, somebody invited me for a talk in radio Planet, there I […]

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ZANGBETO. For sure one time in your life you have heard about voodoo, about the Amazons the warrior women’s, or the slave trade trough the Atlantic ocean?, well if you did but you want to know more about, in Benin you’ll find many of those awnsers. The 20% of the population are Christians, a 15% […]

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ONYOCHA ONYOCHA. Before getting into Nigeria, i already had bad news about this country. So now after being in and out not with out problems, I can say that Nigeria’s a chaotic and volatile country, where violent crime and robberies happen throughout the country, and the harassment by the police still happen too, so today […]

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THE DELTA…. Cameroun , among rain, shouts and more and more rain, all of this very soon will be a memory, the steps that my feet have chossed pedaling to get into Nigeria , also obligate me to change my initial plans, the roads up north that i wanted to take are closed because of […]

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KENNY. He was strong like a oak tree, he was doing what he liked the most, that it was traveling, during 25 years he made of he,s way of living, a journey of discovering new roads, new cultures , new people, just for a silple reason, because he loved it. I have spended so many […]

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