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THEY COMME AGAIN OHH Yes, unfortunately we’re again bombarded by these Christmas holidays, another of these holidays that I don´t believe on it, although I can’t avoid to pass by those people worried about what they will buy or do during these holidays… forgetting to often that mostly of their problems will remained there after […]

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As I always said life it’s just moments, and for me it would be a huge insult to waste it with sad moments, it’s true that March 31 left its mark with journeys in the air, full of doubts, sadness’s, deep empties … even though I am still alive, full of hope, I really am, […]

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Like always I keep catching dreams, but every year for these dates I dedicate my deep feelings for those that I have lost, and I’ll never find again. My heart still waiting for you in this place where you decided to leave forever, I try to find you so much, while I am trying to […]

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WHY? Let´s see if I clear myself, It´s been 3.298 days I am on my bicycle journey, when I’ve left home I would never imagine all that happened to me, all I saw, all I had feel, all… Today´s after had crossing 71 countries, I feel the need of finding a reason to say why? […]

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I can still see the stagnant waters of the Beagle channel, I still can feel the cold humidity of the Tierra del Fuego in my body, but finally I have left all of that just to find the warm of the friendship in Buenos Aires, I’ve arrived to Ignacio´s and his lovely wife home, with […]

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And here I am… In this little dot in the map named Ushuaia, very difficult for me to explain this abyss of emotions, feelings that in the end of the day there aren´t just arrive here for just leaving after, oh well, how silly we are sometimes! My passed days, aren´t caressed anymore with the […]

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