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This is the name of one pretty history,history that started in Cape Town almost thwoo years ago.

Artur Martorell, is one primary school in Badalona,(Catalonia),that one day casually got the name of one little project named Gambada,hold by a guy named Nando going around the world , with a 80kg bloody bicycle, triying to help people in need.

In this time the Ampa, the parents asociation of this school, decide to help Gambada, with a little aportation , that helped to make happy so many kids in the orphanage James House, on Hout Bay, in that moment there everything was so intense, so hard, so sad and wonderful at the same time, it was basically like the other times i have helped kids in need, and shared all their bounds, pain but also their gratitude and hapinness in this wonderful continent named the dark continent, Afrika!!!.

But somehow, life it,s so surprising, becouse brought me back to Catalonia again, it did it , for a lovelly dream, a dream that will never happend, and this made me feel so bounded, but today i can say that even when you feel lost, if you have been faith on your acts, life deserves you other way to see it, and this is how life gaved me the chance to visite this school and their little students.

I´ve been there several times already, i had long talks with them , shared audiovisuals, smiles and thoughts, and i have to say that it was so nice, so real , so simple.


I´d like to know what they are thinking?

So this time , i really dont want to talk about all the pain, i would like to talk about hapinness, the hapinness to have recived all this affection, and emotions from those kids, i was extremlly surprised to see the seriousness of all of them , wile i was talking or when they looked at the pictures or videos.

But they from there side didn´t want to saty like this , they wanted to go further, and they gaved me wonderful writings, and draws made from themselves, and i have to say that they got the dppest part of my heart, i cried, cried and cried again, and i had to share it to some friends and when i saw them feeling the same i felt so happy to realise that kids like them have the courage to understand all the injustices that hapend so close to us.

And yes, they are still kids, but they showed me a huge respect towards this forgoten and wonderful continent of afrika, their respect to other kids that they dont even have a pencil or a nyami ice cream to lick in peace, not, becouse they just have the aim of survivgm that´s it,and they do it with all the hapinness, they all understood this and felt sad for them.

It was that deep, that finally them and their parents have decided toguether to collect some mony to help, first, they did again for the orphange in Hout Bay,and then they decide to help again my little humble project.

So, what i can say?, well yes i know what i can say, that i am so proud to be me who´s got this precious treasure ,and this helps me a lots in those dificult moments.

They made believe that i have to keep going, that i have to keep touching the bounds , and the misery and try to help, becouse they said somebody must do , becouse we are kids and we cant.


Any question?

So after this i only have words of gratification,with all my heart i´d like to say a big thanks to the staff of Artur Martorell, school to allow me to be so close to them, my big thanks to all the parents to understand that with little sometimes we can do lots, but also a huge THANKS,to all the kids for making me cry, laughf and believe in what i am doing no matter if is big or small.

Thanks, will never be the right word to express my gratitude , so i´d like to ask you pls to accept a big smile from my heart in echange of all the thanks.

I wish life will give me the chance to keep touching the injustices of this wonderful world and making a little difference, and i also wish that those kids one day will be the shout of Hope, becouse i say , if there´s that still cant understand what those kids did , it´s becouse it´s really blind, or just they dont want to see.

I´ll miss you little tadpoles….



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