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I can still see the stagnant waters of the Beagle channel, I still can feel the cold humidity of the Tierra del Fuego in my body, but finally I have left all of that just to find the warm of the friendship in Buenos Aires, I’ve arrived to Ignacio´s and his lovely wife home, with this I have finished my journey around the American continent, after this came the question, So, now what Nando?

Well, as many of you already know, my next step was flying to Europe land, specifically Switzerland, from there, who knows where! First of all, Gambada´s needs a mental rest, also needs to fill it up its empty pockets, needs all of this to keep going and living how I have lived till now, it´s true that living like this isn´t expensive at all, but you just have to understand a lot about the basic needs, once you have learned it, the caprices and some luxury ill wait other moments or other life.



And why Switzerland? Because in this country I’ve spend big part of my life, this country because I have people that I love and love me, but the most important it´s because according the news Spain in this moment isn´t the best place to be if you need to fill it up your empty pockets.

So, after having decided all this, I just have to follow the basic of my life that isn´t anything else that accepting that I have landed in this consumerist world that sometimes scares me too much, but this is how I have decide it, and also in the same time due my situation I think it´s the best that I can do right now.

Once I will get over this “bloody” emotional change I am pretty sure that many more happiness, from now I try to enjoy this time in this first world, luckily I spend my time in the mountains with the cows and helping my loved friend Felix and his family, what a times, these to see again those people that we love after all those years…



After here, very soon I will go to another place where I also have the chance to stay, it´s the home of Marie´s, Johann´s and the little Halima´s, it´s just a big pleasure for me, an honor and all my respect for this couple with hum I have shared too much, and luckily for me today they open wide the doors of their house for me, and also they help me to bear everything a bit better, thanks too much.

Putting this emotional thing on a side, I only need to have a bit of luck to find something that will allow me to make some money, which it will help me to go towards Asia next. While I am searching and searching  I will try to do some talks here in this country, I will repair some things and who knows, also polishing these thing that we all never learn enough in life, anyway, time to see and feel where I am.



I am not sure if here it´s where I really have to be, but honestly it´s where I am.

Gambada´s from its side keep as alive that always, Halima´s is waiting patiently, and when everything will be ready including the driver, I will let again our print on these unknown lands, these places where every corner can be a new lovely world, these places where a single new smile could be a new journey into my life, anyway, all those sensations that I am living so often in this kind of live that I am having, kind of life that I have to say it´s just wonderful no matter the difficulties, so, to be honest I have to say that I am lucky when I am seeing this grey world where the news and television, they just spit dark and sad news all the times.

Luckily for those that love being lied, now we have the soccer world cup, an entire month to breath, a month where nobody wants to hear about misery, war, politics or hunger, a month where these patriots dare to say, we win!, of course, they say it seated in their comfy couches, one month of fake truce, after this from the same couch, the same people complains about everything in this world.

Oh man! How complicated that we make everything, when it´s so nice to be loved, when it´s so nice to do god things for these in need, or why not, having the chance to live in the way that you feel or want, “yes we can” even though for so many people guys like me are kind of crazy, I love to be crazy then…



So after, 3.241 days on the road, Gambada´s dances with the “alphorn” rhythm, The Alps, the cows, the Swiss chocolate… to pretty and good to be real, so, I think I will let things happen, meanwhile I will keep fighting to live in the best way that I think I do deserve, I will keep waiting for somebody to knock in my door, who knows, in my world little smiles change everything.

With this world scenery I really feel an stranger, although this doesn’t mean that I will not see all this wonder that my eyes still can see, this doesn´t mean that I will shut any of my life doors to anything or anybody, it´s just time to breath to keep going much better.

This is how I am feeling in this society, I will try my best to not be this kind of person that spend the days doing thing that hate, just to make more money, money that often use to impress the others, how silly is this, in the end of the day, dead puts everybody in the same level.

I will keep looking for this freedom that gives you the chance to be everyday better, I would like to stay in this world where all of you, the people that I love, the kids that I have helped made me learn that having or doing what do you like it´s enough.

With this rhythm, I will keep believe what the song says, sooner or later we will have so many dreams to rescue…



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