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I awake this morning between memories and volcanoes, the volcanoes there still there and they will always, majestic, impressive, the memories? Well just memories are.

It´s already long ago my days of, tequila, charro hats, desserts, the Maya people, the Caribbean Sea, the “no mames guey”, and also the bastards that stilled me.

I have left Mexico without letting anybody erase those memories, and every one of those instants made me feel that I am still in life, and even though here days are slow, my own thought run much faster than my hours.

Good Bye Cuates…

I do remember that enormous pleasure to have the chance to spend my time with those kids that doesn´t have much, the same ones that allowed me to help them, even though, It wasn´t much.

I also remember very well those expected visits from far away, that were signs of big changes for me, and also a good reason to understand about how a friend could or couldn´t be, but to be honest in my reality all this it´s gone already, even though that rage against those that hearted me, even if sometimes the revenge imprison us, I am pretty sure that the forgiveness liberate us…

So, for me all those made steps, there is no wind or water that can fade all those lovely smiles, and people that make me believe in my sort of life.

Good Bye Cuates…

And this is how crossing the majestic Sierra Madre of Chiapas, I found myself in this unreal world of the borders between countries, for me those places are just a shame of one imaginary line.

Welcome to Guatemala, you have to pay 20 Quetzals said with an strong voice the police man, I had to shut myself and giving him a fake smile full of Unger .

Guatemala! A country of one million contrasts, shy people and extremely friendly, a country with a live traditions fighting hard against the bloody modernity, indescribable landscapes, and the colors, those, so many that induce of thousands of WOOOWWWS in any mouth .



Trying to be one more in this country, I don’t stop to think that´s only 16 years that they have signed a Peace agreement, Peace? A volatile word, in the country of the Mara´s, a country where jumping in one of those chicken bus, it´s putting your own life in danger, paying in advance of course, why? Because there is a constant fight among them to pick clients along the road, they do it in those difficult roads that climb that high that can still your breath.

I´ll keep thinking how dangerous could be looking back, but also could be dangerous just stop.

Some days ago, in one of those terrible hills that this lovely country offers me, I’ve dismounted Halima´s to push, I was desperate, this terrible sensation that make us feel so small, and sometimes just throw the towel full of Unger, frustration, but, there he was, Joaquin´s, and old man that came over worried, seeing the way that I was pushing and suffering (I do feel so dirty and ridiculous when I see them how much they do carry in their heads).

Joaquin´s said to me, today you should look back and simply laugh of all you already have done. In this precise moment I didn´t understand. But the following day in another of those terrible hills, when I have stopped to rest I could enjoy one of the most spectacular sceneries of this country since I am here, and it was then when Joaquin´s words roar into my ears, ¿what do you think about this beauty dressed up with artistic touches?.



I´ll keep immerse on those high lands, eventhough some times the night it´s so immense that cause agony, I’ll close my eyes and I will see this nature, those people that together talk to us but we don’t listen at all, loosing at the same time the best of them.

And with the fatigue of the night I will recover behind my blind eyes that lived testimony, those remote scenes that I have the chance to be part of them.

And even if sometimes it´s so difficult to awake up and not knowing where we are, I am so happy to be able to understand that time it´s so slow for those that just wait…

Yes, Guatemala, it´s time to adapt myself to new cultures, and also at the same time try to recover my disastrous physical condition, it’s time to keep believing on those small things that help to understand that we always can do something, isn’t enough, and isn´t useful feel the main character for the simple fact to be out there, because in the end of the day we only can be what we really feel.

And this is why sometimes I feel hurt, not for the fact that somebody laid me, for the fact that I will not trust on them anymore, but me I’ll stay here under this grey metal sky that wracked the chest and we only have left that run from the death to the dreams…

Thanks a lot old Joaquin´s to have picked my towel in this terrible hill, thanks a lot to have done it with the best of your smiles, yes, this is Guatemala, a pretty country with a shy people and extremely friendly.






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